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The joy of having trees on your land can be diluted if trees are not cared for. Often, a perfectly healthy and useful tree, over time, loses its functionality, develops rot, overgrows or just plain becomes a nuisance. It could also be a combination of these factors that prevent you from being able to either enjoy the benefits of a tree, or be able to landscape your garden and develop it.

The intervention of qualified and sensitive arborists is almost indispensable in most of these cases. You might need that hedge trimmed, your tree could be losing its shape and growing haphazardly, the crown of your tree could have thickened to a point where sunlight doesn’t come through – these and many more considerations raise the need for tree surgeons to intervene.

While most people – be it residents of houses, buildings, office managers, owners of commercial establishments – all have complaints with trees, it’s not always possible for them to personally tend to the maintenance. Even intenance itself can be fairly time-intensive and overwhelming for those not specialised in the process.

KB Woodnutt Tree and Garden Services was started as a family business in Southampton 20 years ago and has developed into the industry’s finest providers of arborist services.

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